Womballs Christmas Fun Tournament

With sun and blue skies overhead (we won’t mention the mud underfoot), the Womballs Christmas Tournament set off to a flying start on Saturday 4th December 2021. Five teams, captained by Sam, Miche, Karen, Howard and Tan made for an exciting and fun competition.  The only downside was the absence of our captain Lorraine who organised everything to go smoothly on the day. She was missed, but Mac did a great job of being her understudy.

As is usual for the Womballs, on the day all the team members pitched in to make the day a great success. Karen organised everybody in her usual sunny style, Phil the Reindeer judged like a pro, Bertie multi-tasked cooking sausages and mulled wine while running dogs, Sei and Sasha boxloaded amazingly, especially considering it’s the first time we’ve had all dogs together, Tyler took some brilliant photos, Maureen arranged some beautiful rosettes and doggie bags and let’s not forget the emergency onion run by Janet.

There was some great racing by the foundation dogs, their first time in a competition setting, and the open and intermediate dogs backed them up with their usual sterling work. Seven Swans A Swimming were tournament champions with Ten Lords A Leaping coming a close second.

It’s looking good for competitions next year so watch out the Womballs are coming!

Some photos from the day, courtesy of Tyler.

And the outdoor competition season has finished, well done to all who competed!

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