Tournament report – Anstey Park -10th June 2018

Bungo’s adventures – chapter 2

?who let the dogs out- woof, woof, woof,woof woof
Who let the dogs out – woof,woof,woof,woof,woof.

This was the song that Bungo sang to himself as he watched the Womballs team march out on a lovely early summers day in Anstey park -Hampshire.
Ozzie, Julie, Moosh, Spot, Tassi and Mac proudly led out by their box loader Sei, and owners, Lorraine, Howard,Michelle, Karen, Mo, and Eva.
” who let the dogs out-woof,woof,woof….” indeed ,  sang Bungo as he watched his galant team win the first race of the division in a fast time of 22.87 seconds.
After a few positioning adjustments between Eva and Mac, the Womballs ran even faster and scored a record time of 22.29 in their second race.
“Good grief” exclaimed Bungo ” they’ve broken out…”
In the third race before lunch the Womballs won their race and beat the number one seed team. Lorraine had performed two zero starts and got a big thumbs up from the judge. The dogs had ran their hearts out and even Howard had executed some spectacular crosses!!!
News had gone around the land and Jenny arrived in her bright blue car with Ali, and Sarah left Ralph at home to come and see what was going on.
“Who let the dogs out – woof,woof,woof…”
The afternoons two races achieved a very fast time of 22.78 and were both easily won.
“They’ve won, they’ve won” shouted Bungo
Annoyingly it was to be only a second place rosette despite their wins and the fastest time in their division. The fast break out time cost them the first place.

Man of the match….went to Howard for his superb crosses
Queen of the starts….went to Lorraine for her two zero starts
Stamina award goes to Tassi for her energy
Sheer determination award goes to Michelle for her clapping and encouraging Moosh to successfully come back to her.
Best bucket duties and delicious strawberry and prosecco  award go to Karen
Best naughtiness but got there in the end with very fast running goes to Mac
Best box loading and advice goes to Sei.
Best facial expression goes to Eva when she realises that Lorraine has just clocked that Eva has ate three tunnocks tea cakes.

Well done all you Womballs cried Bungo and as Tina Turner said…….
” you’re simply the best
Better than all the rest
Better than any team
Any team I ever met…”

Tournament Report – 7 April 2018

“Bungo’s first day at the races”

Early one Saturday morning, on the 7th April,  Bungo jumped into Maureen’s car and happily set off to Overton in Hampshire down the M3. It was the first flyball race day of a new season, the sun was threatening to emerge, and Bungo excitedly mused at the prospect of his first day at the races.
What a jolly splendid day it would be.
He would greet all his Womballs doggie friends, maybe help put up the spanking new gazebo,
Raise his fine new flag, and settle down to watch some exciting racing by starter team- the “Bungo Womballs” and his intermediate team -the “Womballs Wannabees”
When suddenly peace was shattered by a cry from chief captain and organiser Lorraine.
“Alas, one of our valiant starter team is missing- where is Bo??”
A disaster has struck the starter team – who would come to its rescue?
“I will run for the starters – even though I have too many years behind me – I will volunteer and save the day” said Ali.
A hush descended as Mac -(with Lorraine),  Ali -(with Jenny) followed by novices, Darcey and Bussell (oops Teddy) -with Rosie and Jackie, strode into the ring for their first starter race.
They ran all their 3 morning races brilliantly, didn’t put a foot wrong, and won the first two races with a fastest time of 26.30 .
Darcey and Teddy swapped positions and Eva ran Mac in the afternoon session. They won their first race in the afternoon but not the last two as the sun had crept out and  fatigue enveloped the team a little. An overall 5th place but Bungo felt a wave of pride spread over him for his brand new starter team’s First performance.

Time for the Intermediates Wannabees.
Bungo carefully studied their form.
A worthy team of Dixie (with Janet),  Ellie (with Mo),   Moosh(with Michelle),  Roxie (with Helen),  and Spot(with Karen)
But they were drawn against very strong opposition. The team ran extremely well with hardly any mistakes. Novices Moosh and Spot were a credit.
Bungo was screaming encouragement alongside Peter and Adele who turned up with Kiki to watch the contest and add their support.
After 5 losses the Wannabees showed their true spirit and won their last race in fine style and left the  ring jubilant.
Back to the new gazebo to munch on a magnificent chocolate cake, and the biggest carrot cake you’ve ever seen bought by Jackie.
Bungo , smiled and settled back , musing over a great day with good friends, as his thoughts were interrupted by the “pop” and “whoosh” of the traditional bottle of prosecco being opened by Sarah. A cheer went up.  A punnet of strawberries appeared, as if by magic, from Karen.
Aaah….thank goodness some things  will never change!!